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Testimonials by Patients

"Our first experience with Dr. Segil was twenty years ago when he operated on my mother-in-law's spine at age 90.  She was in excruciating pain and no other doctor would touch her because of her age. He did operate on her and gave her the gift of almost 8 years of pain-free life until she passed away. He has been our orthopedic surgeon for ANY purpose ever since then.  Our granddaughter has been to him, my husband and I both believe he has hands of "gold" and the medical judgment of King Solomon.  He delayed my need for knee replacement for over three years by suggesting I go to a good trainer and building up the muscle in my thigh.  When I did finally have the surgery, he brought in a young colleague to do a joint revision of my knee, most successfully. 


In sum, to find a surgeon whose first impulse is not surgery, and when surgery becomes inevitable, to do a superlative job is priceless.  I highly recommend Dr. Segil to anyone who is seeking not only a skilled surgeon, but an ethical and compassionate and COMMON SENSE human being.  His office staff is also unusual in their willingness to accommodate the busy schedule of his patients, and are also warm, friendly, and efficient.  If six or seven stars were available, I would gladly check those!!  By the way, I am a busy professional and practicing attorney and feel fortunate to have him as my "go to" doctor."

         -  Roz Zukerman, Los Angeles based patient



"I saw Clive a few months ago. My hip pain was excruciating. He and his staff could not be more courteous, friendly or proficient! Kudos for assembling and running such an amazing team Dr. Segil!"

         - Eugene C,  Colorado based patient


I went to Dr. Segil a few times now. Once when my shoulder dislocated, he actually suggested that I do not get surgery and gave me rehabilitation exercises and today I'm doing great. The second time was because of my hip, I'm a Bootcamp instructor so I'm extremely active, I was having pain walking and was extremely concerned. Dr. Segil did xrays and all sorts of stretches and movements, he suggested I just rest before going further to get an MRI, I just over did it. I wasn't sure to believe him since I had pain walking. I followed his instructions and it healed on it's own. He was right every time. Most doctors would just throw you into surgery. He made me laugh the whole time. He's an incredible and intelligent Doctor and man."


           - Maria C,  Sherman Oaks based patient


"Dr Segil has been our family orthopedic doctor for years and he is a wonderful compassionate doctor. I would gladly recommend him without hesitation"


   - Anita F, Los Angeles based patient


"I Went to Dr. Segil on the recommendation of a friend.  Called for an appointment, explained that my back was really bad and I was worried.  The wonderful gal who answered put me on hold, checked with the doctor, and he said to fit me into the next day's schedule...who does that?!   After a lengthy consultation about the pain, and assessment of my movement, down the hall for x-rays of my back and knee.  Back to exam room, x-rays on the screen.  Dr. Segil explained what we were looking at, even brought out a model skeleton to demonstrate what I was seeing.  It was quite an education, and I left with a plan for hopefully getting my body back to it's best working order.  Grateful to finally have found a doctor who looks at the whole body and doesn't insist that he only works on one part.  I have actually had doctors who won't even look down (or up) from the body part they specialize in...very annoying when you have a messed up back, knee, and feet.  I know he is a spine specialist, but Dr. Segil must have paid better attention in medical school when they taught that the parts are all connected and one part can affect the other.  Highly recommend!!!" 


 - GF Los Angeles


"Dr. Segil's team was in short, incredible.  I arrived late for my appointment, because at 81 years old I don't do long distance driving, and I was coming from the Valley.  The ride service I used got lost, so I didn't arrive for my appointment until 11:40, even though my appointment was at 11:00am.  Dr. Segil's team (Brad & Linda) didn't bat an eye.  They made me feel perfectly welcome, and let me know that it was not a problem and that the doctor could still see me.  Then they went above and beyond in asking me if I needed anything after my long trip over the hill. I truly felt more like I was in someone's living room rather than in a doctor's office. Dr. Segil was terrific.  I went to see him following a very slow recovery from a botched knee surgery (that he didn't perform).  He immediately prescribed a course of exercises and activities that I can and should begin taking part in, in order to expedite my recovery time.  He was no nonsense, and I trusted him immediately. After my appointment, Linda again went above and beyond in helping me to feel like the whole team cared about me, by helping to contact the ride-share service to come and pick me up, so I didn't have to wait in the office all day! I'm incredibly pleased and appreciative of the service and treatment I received from everyone at Dr. Segil's office." 


 - Harry D, Los Angeles based patient

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