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Testimonials from Attorneys in California and Nevada

  • Dr. Segil has testified in 20 of my cases  and provided expert analysis and advice in more than 50 others over the past 10 years. He is reliable, timely, articulate and straightforward. I strongly recommend him to plaintiff and defense attorneys.

        - LA Based Plaintiff Attorney with 25 years experience representing Personal Injury Clients

  • When the facts are complicated and the records extensive, Dr Segil has a careful detailed approach to analysis and review. I am consistently impressed by his attention to detail, and understanding of even the most intricate of facts and evidence patterns. I rely on his advice and judgement and he has contributed significantly to our success rate in court due to his articulate and experienced understanding of the records and his knowledgeable deposition testimony in the pre trial process as well as his great skills in testifying during the trial process. 

        - Defense Attorney specializing in Personal Injury Cases in Orange County CA


  • Dr Segil has extensive medical and surgical experience and it is that broad and focused combination of expertise that we rely on when we call him in as an expert witness. He has a way of describing complex situations in a simple and direct way so that Juries understand and he is by far one of the best expert witnesses that we use. In fact he makes educational presentations at least once a year to all our Workers Compensation Attorneys and he always gets rave reviews.

        - Glendale Based Workers Compensation Applicant Attorney in firm with multiple offices in California.


  • Dr Segil's office is professional and his staff loyal and multi-lingual. They run an efficient operation and his reports are timely and comprehensive. We have used Dr Segil both as a treating physician for ourselves and our families, as well as an expert witness in a number of cases, on both plaintiff and defense sides. He is from the school of thought where patient care, and professional service is key - and he and his staff are schooled in treating the whole person, as well as providing prompt effective service to all referring attorneys.

       - Los Angeles Based Managing Partner of Personal Injury Law Firm

  • Dr Segil has been providing care in Nevada both in Reno and Las Vegas for decades and we are grateful to him for providing excellent service and proficiency in our state. We refer cases to him in both his Nevada locations, in the Personal Injury arena.

        - Nevada Law Firm with offices in Reno and Las Vegas

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