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Agreed Medical Examiner - AME

Dr Segil is an Agreed Medical Examiner. His reputation in this role over two decades is as an impartial, expert and respected evaluator of an employee's disability or impairment.

The AME  (Agreed Medical Examiner) examines injured workers to determine the benefits they will receive if there is a disagreement over the treating physician’s opinions. The AME is the doctor that the attorney and the insurance company agree on to conduct the medical examination that will help resolve a dispute.

What does the AME Process mean in Dr Segil's practice?

- Staff Efficiency in expedited appointments, availability and flexibility

- Professional and efficient expert examination

- Reliable, impartial, valid and objective documentation

- Full Forensic Medical Legal Review and Analysis of Reports and Studies
- Clear, Concise and Readable Reports that focus on the issues and are based on the AMA              guides for the evaluation of permanent impairment, fifth edition

- Timely Reporting and delivery of the report by Fedex, UPS or USPS at the Attorneys option

Contact Dr Segil at AND for further information and to schedule an AME or IME ( see former page)

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