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Independent Medical Examiner - IME

  • Dr Segil is a recognized IME expert. Due to the fact that he has offices in multiple locations in California and Nevada, he is accessible and available to enable flexible scheduling through his service-oriented staff who understand the urgent needs of attorneys and clients.

  • As a  board-certified, active practicing Orthopedic Surgeon he has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of work-related disorders as well as personal injuries. This expertise renders Dr. Segil  uniquely qualified to evaluate medical conditions related to occupational musculoskeletal disorders and any other type of injury. Dr Segil and his staff appreciate how important a high-quality IME is to you in managing the medical, administrative and legal costs of workers' compensation claims or defending negligence and other tortious claims.

  • Once the appointment is made and the records are received, the patient is examined and a comprehensive Forensic Medical Legal Record Review is done and a full report is then issued.

  • What does the IME Process mean in Dr Segil's practice?

- Staff Efficiency in expedited appointments

- Reliable, Valid and Objective Documentation
- Clear, Concise and Readable Reports that focus on the issues

- Timely Reporting and Delivery of the report by Fedex, UPS or USPS at the Attorneys option

- Diagnosis after a Full Examination
- Clarifying Causal Relation
- Defining Current Medical Status by Dr Segil, a Board Certified Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon
- Evaluating Prognosis based on decades of experience
- Assessing Maximal Medical Improvement
- Assessing Work Capacity
- Clarifying "Non-Medical" Issues
- Medical Record Reviews

Contact Dr Segil at AND for further information and to schedule an IME or AME ( see next page)

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